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2 J Chain Hook Tow with RTJ Cluster and Grab Hook

Item Number: E2-CHJH516
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A grade 70 Chain is 5/16" x 10' and includes 15" J Chain Hook at one end and a grab hook, r-hook, t-hook and mini j-hook on the other end. Tow Chain is ideal for transportation, auto towing and wrecking industry.

Working Load Limit 4,700 lbs
Breaking Load 18,800 lbs 


Pack Size: 2 pcs

Grade: G70

Working Load Limit: 4,700 lbs

Breaking Load: 18,800 lbs

Length: 10 ft

Fitment: for cargo security, binding, towing and construction use

Durable and long lifespan

Brand new product

This tow chain is perfect for auto towing, transport and wrecking industry. You can tow or tie-down any vehicle, large or small with the versatile hooks on this chain assembly. The large J Hook is wide enough to fit over Super Duty axles and the RTJ hook is excellent for hooking straps. This product is ideal for applications that require you to hook to different vehicle models.