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4 Axle Tie Down Straps With Snap Hooks 2" X 8"

Item Number: E4-FAS-2000-8
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Securely tie down your vehicle using our Axle Tie Down Strap. The strap features an adjustable D-Ring that can be moved to the appropriate location on the straps for proper tie-down. Use our high class strap along with our axle straps in order to securely tie-down any of your vehicle. 

Pack Size: 4 pcs

Size: 2" x 8 ft

Breaking Load: 12,000 lbs

Working Load Limit: 3,335 lbs

Material: Polyester

Uses: These axle straps are used by professionals and car haulers alike to safely and securely tie down their vehicles for transit.  

Snap hook on both ends

The axle tie-down strap contains an 8 foot Ratchet strap and axle strap combination. Also included on the strap is a 2-inch D-ring that works in conjunction with a 2" x 1" square adjusting ring to easily move the D-ring to the desired location on the strap, a short handle ratchet and two twisted snap hooks.