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4set Lasso Wheel Lift Straps 2" Ratchets J Finger Hooks Tow Truck Tie Down

Item Number: E1-FSS-2000-8
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Versatile J-hook Ratchet Strap tie down allows you to hook the strap back to itself using the floating D-ring. Includes 2 in x 8 ft Lasso Straps or wheel lift straps with heavy duty ring on one end and 2" Handle Ratchet with 2" Finger Hook.

Ratchet Strap Pack Includes:

4 Pcs - 2"x 8' Winch Lasso Strap w/ "O" Ring Auto Tow Tie Down Wheel Net
4 Pcs - 2" Ratchet w/ Finger Hook  Auto Hauling Towing Wrecker